Cannot get Search & Autocorrect Plugin to work

I’ve checked my settings (see screenshots below) but only the search works with the fullname field and none of the others that I configured in the Search & Autocorrect Plugin.
Any ideas will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.


Thanks for the prompt reply.
The plugin in the video is ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete.
So, are the settings the same Search & Autocorrect Plugin?
Regards, Mark.

or are you recommending the other one?

Just laid out the info for you to explore and perhaps be useful if you deemed it so,

I seldomly use plugins that replace Bubble’s core functionality. Reason being that it adds processing stress that can be avoided by … not using them. This is part of best practices reached by experienced folks in the Bubble ecosystem. This is a great read on best practices by @petter

Fuzzy search works for a relatively low number of items (200 - 300) so if your app fits that bill and you absolutely want it then by all means :grinning:

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Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.
Regards, Mark.

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