Search and Filtering a Repeating Group

Hi so on my app I have two tables
1: Enquiries
2: Customer
Both have a field custid set to number
I then have a repeating group that looks at all the enquires and in this repeating group is a jobcard that shows information from the enquiries table and the customer table (Which works and is right)

The repeating group is set to Enquiry and I have now put some search bars at the top to filter for date and a text field. I want to include a drop down for business name which I have done but the search results come back with nothing as this is all in the customer table not the enquiry table

I have tried a merge with do a search for customer table but it gives me a red text error

Please help its driving me crazy. In SQL I would just join the tables and then use that in the repeating group and the search bar would have all the information to work from



It seems you need to filter.

Try search enquiries:filtered

Choose advanced

Build the filter expression from there

Sorry could you help with where to find this I thought I have already filtered?
and how does this then give me access to the customer table as well
so I want to be able to filter by job status currently on the enquiry table and by business name on the customer table?

The pic shows a search.

In Bubble this is filtering (it happens at the client level):

Hope this clarifies my comment :slight_smile:

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So much thanks for the help we are rocking and rolling now. I have figured it out :slight_smile:
I haven’t had to use the advanced filter but this is going to be REALLY handy in the future thank you again for your speedy response.

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