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Searching through 300+ repeating group and multiple data types

I have two data types, Customers and Vehicles. I have roughly 50 customers and about 300 vehicles. Each vehicle is connected to a single customer.

On my home page, I have a repeating group showing the list of all my customers. I am wanting a search box that I can use to search for a specific customer (by name, address, phone number or other) OR the ability to type in a license plate number, car make, model, etc and have the repeating group display the corresponding customer.

Thoughts on how to complete this? I am sure the answer is out there, however I have been searching for several days now without a good answer.


I don’t have the solution for you, but I’ll underscore how important this kind of searching is. It’s bubbling (no pun intended) to the top of my to-do list.

One thing that concerns me is that your rg is of customers but you’ll want to search for customers based on car info. I’ll be thinking about this. In the meantime, I’ll bookmark this topic and come back to it in a few days.

Best of luck.

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Which solution did you find to your problem ? I am currently facing the same issue : I have a “Customer” type and a “Subscription” type, and wanting to display them in the same repeating group

Why not create a field that is a text value on the customer. The field would contain the combined information of the customer’s name, phone number, and subscription details. That way you only need to search through that field for the search box. I do a similar thing in my app where I created a field on the customer called “search combo” that contains the customer’s name, phone number, and company name. You can search with any of those in the search box. Any time the customer’s data is updated, then I also update the search combo field.

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