Search Bar not working

Hi all -

I have a simple search bar set up to search for Users’ names in the database.

Here’s what the search bar looks like.

And these are the settings for the search bar.

As you can see below, there are 3 users with names in the database.

But when I run the app and use the search bar, the names do not appear. The only name that will appear is the name of the account that I’m running it as. Below is an example when I’m logged in as “Slammin’ Sammy.” As you can see, “Mark” does not show up.

But “Slammin’ Sammy” shows up.

Any idea why this is or how I can fix this? Never had any issues with this before.

Thanks in advance!

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Check your Privacy Rules on the User Data Type…you probably need to set them up properly so the data is visible to others and not only the creator

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You’re the man. That was the issue. Thanks so much!

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