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Search box containing geographic places not feeding data through

Hi everyone,
I have set up a form for users to state their location using the search box input and have set this input to capture geographic places.
When a user submits a form, all the data comes through (eg: Name, email etc) apart from the location that they have put in (I have tested this myself but still doesn’t work.
Does anyone know why this data isn’t being captured? Is there a solution/workaround?


I am dealing with the same problem this week. Would anyone have a fix for this? Searchbox geographic places item does not input into the database. Thank you!

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I was having the same problem and was looking around for the forum for a fix. Eventually this is what worked.
I went to
Saw that the error rate was 100%
This showed that the keys I was using were legit.
Then I went to the billing section. Turns out that the billing account was not connected to the project.
I fixed that and the searchbox started working as expected.

So two points of feedback
a. Make sure you’ve enabled all relevant Google APIs
b. Make sure your billing is active and the right account is connected.


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Just to reply for anyone else having the same issue: I just encountered the same problem and the solution varun1 is pointing worked for me, so thank you Varun!


+1, nightmare trying to work out what was wrong…billing!