Search box not working with form

Hi all :wave:

I’m using a search box with Geographic places as an input field on a form on my site but the data entered in the field is not getting added to the database with form submissions. Any idea why this is? The field in the database is of type Geographic field.

I’ve also got a RG setup to filter by this field but this also isn’t working.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Can you take a screenshot of the Create a new object… item that’s on the workflow on your submit button? That should show Location = Searchbox A’s value (or something effectively similar).

Other possibilities are complications with users not entering/selecting a valid geographic address or with your Maps API key.


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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for this. Here is the screenshot of the workflow

And here is the screenshot of the RG I have setup which searches for the data input via this form. Neither part works.

Thanks again

That setup looks right to me. Now I’m thinking it’s possible that the user isn’t entering data into the searchbox correctly. When the type is set to geographic places, you will most likely need to select an option from the dropdown of suggestions rather than leave in any custom text you entered in order for the item to be processed and saved. Can you confirm that you’re doing this?


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Yep, I’ve been selecting the value from the drop down so that it auto populated with the full location

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