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Search Box | datasources

In my project every ‘User’ has got a thing called ‘Product’, one of it’s fields is called ‘Name’(text) which might not be unique within all users.
I wanted to be able to search for the ‘Name’ of ‘Product’ within specific user’s products.
I decided to use a search box due to it’s autocomplete feature and a repeating group for results.
The problem was how to search within specific thing’s list of things.
Due to problems with setting constraits to limit searching only inside user’s products I decided to workaround this with next field called ProductID (copy of ‘unique id’).

But because I am new to Bubble I’d like to ask if it can be done in a more elegant way?
I believe adding next unique field when we have already ‘unique id’ for every thing isn’t the best fix.
Even if in constraints field it would be possible to use “unique id is in” instead only “unique id =”
it will be still searching in every thing with type ‘Product’, so I draw my idea for improvement or put my question how to pick specific datasource to search with methods we already have.


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Any word on this one yet? I am also trying to set search within a specific list of things and have not been successful thus far.

I have changed a bit search concept to use only standard input.
Results’s group datasource is set to User’s products filtered by Search Input’s value.
Of course this way you don’t have hints as with search box.