Search box issue - only exact matches are displaying


I’ve setup a search box on my app’s search page. The search box links directly to the Repeating Group which displays results.

When I type a word such as ‘Snow’, I’d like results containing words such as ‘Snowflake’, ‘Snowball’ etc. to be displayed, but right now, only exact matches to the word ‘Snow’ are being displayed.

I’ve searched the forum and haven’t come up with much (this is an example: Searchbox - search compund word). Is this not possible right now?


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I can get this working but there seems to be one issue - when I type in a phrase such as ‘Test’, only listings with ‘Test’ at the start of the listing name will appear, so listings called ‘New Test’ will not appear. Is there any workaround to this?

Yes, there is. But it is significantly harder.

You need to split out your words with a Regex, and run an API workflow on them to add them to some sort of dictionary.

I said I would tidy this up 6 months ago, and clearly haven’t !

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