Advanced search functionality

Currently I have set up a search box where users can type in word/words and it searches all of the fields of a thing and returns results that contain that text string. My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to search when partial words are typed in? It seems that if I don’t finish the word, it won’t return the results
  2. Is it possible to parse out the words from the text string and make sure that that the results contain all of the words but not necessarily in the exact order that I typed them in?
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Regarding 1), I am having the same issue.
I would like to search for partial words within a list of text elements via the “contains” feature. However I only get the results if the entered string is identical with a complete word, e.g. a search for “se” does not deliver “sea”.
Is there any way to circumvent this problem?

  1. You can search partial words when using the search autocomplete element. The way full text search is precisely done in a way that avoid finding “sea” when typing “se”

  2. All the words is a bit tricky, but right our search can deal with different orders. What is the use case? Full text search doesn’t necessarily need all the words. For instance “Cafe El Centro” should return “Centro Cafe”

Makes sense on both, thanks. On #2, that was an issue on my end.

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Related to this but slightly different. I have a repeating group, and I want my search bar to pare down my repeating group based on whether or not my search input is contained within any field (or a particular field, I can just concatenate fields into one if needed). Right now I have this working with an input box (vs the search box), which only works with full words vs partial words. What’s a good way to link what is typed in a search box to what is displayed in a repeating group, so that I can leverage partial words?

Not yet, we don’t support this, but we’re looking into it.

have you had any progress with what “ahaile” was asking for? I also have a scenario where one types in a filter above a repeating group to narrow down what is displayed in it. However I see the autocomplete control returns a value, not list of matching values that I could show in the repeating group (that is do the query at the autocomplete and show it at the repeating group). Maybe adding a
's values
apart from
's value
to autocomplete to return all matching values (guess you now return the top/selected one) would be enough?

I am also curious if there is any process on this?

For my scenario, a user might want to view all the people named Chris in his database. However, some people who he would know as Chris, might have been inputted as Christian, Christopher, etc. So it would be great if a repeating group showed all the names that have Chris within them.
Would use the search box, but that sometimes the user might only know the first name of the person they are searching for and maybe some other random info that could show in a repeating group.


I’d also like to see this option.

I’m trying to make an interface where people can log events. It’s important that they use the same entry from the database, which means it’s important that they find it in search results even if they didn’t know the exact name.

What I see at the moment is that “sea” will turn up “search”, but “ear” won’t. Or that “weight” will turn up “body weight” but not “bodyweight.”

Since it seems like one of the things Bubble does really well is let you build user-defined data sets, it would make sense to have a better search function so we can make use of those data sets.


I just wanted to check if there’s been an update on these requests. I would also like to see partial words matching complete words in my searches. The two examples above are perfect use cases.

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I actually have a request for this right now. So +1


No update on this?

Here is a tutorial of how to build an auto-complete search feature