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Search box issues

I had created the searchbox with dynamic choices, it worked well, like an ordinary search box when you type something in and it shows the similar values from the list in my data base. However, the last 3 days it shows nothing, like I type the similar values but it shows nothing. What happened and how can I fix it?

Hey there @nursultanmaidan,
Welcome to the Bubble community!

Have you checked your privacy rules?

I did not apply any privacy rules. What should I do?

Can you provide some screenshots of what you did?

Here I am typing in a subject name, however the search box does not show the similar values

Here is my database, you can see the list of subjects, from here I take my dynamic data

Algoryhtm data – is the data of the website. As you can see I did not apply any rules. Thanks for reply!

Can you screenshot the element properties manager of the search box?

![Снимок экрана 2021-04-28 в 13.14.01|690x401](upload://7a



Just curious if you got this working!

We have the same set up and our autocomplete dropdown works in development, but not on the when we push live.

Thank you

I hadn’t transferred the development database to the live. Solved issue.