Searching from cell phone doesn't work

Our bubble app Search Find Create works great on desktop when a user searches for an inventory item. On a mobile phone the user can login, see the main inventory as well as their own inventory, but when they enter “butterfly” to search the main inventory the results are not filtering down as they would on the desktop version. If on mobile I request a desktop site the searching feature works and all is well. I’d rather not have to tell subscribers to do that as the mobile interface is very good. Thoughts on what I can look at to see why mobile searching doesn’t work right? I did a query on bubble-buddy to see what it says and it tells me the following - not sure if that is true or not. does not support searching on mobile apps because text matching in the database is limited to the first 256 characters for indexing purposes. This means that searches on mobile apps would only be able to match the first 256 characters of text, which would not be sufficient for most searches.

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I am having the same issue as you. Not able to see my query results on mobile app but am able to on desktop. Hoping there is a way to fix this.