Weird behavior 1: Searchbar mobile do not accept selection

I have a searcher that looks into a “grower” thing with about 1500 rows

on mobile devices (same page as computer) the selection is not accepted and put in the seachbar

De grower in the video is always a struggle to select
Link to video

99% is selecting well

Any help is much appriciated!


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You have to hide the object behind the selection that cause this behiavior, when input is focus. Strange… the forum show me your post today… :thinking:

Thanks @JohnMark!

even after such a long period I’m very hapy with your answer!

Do I understand wel that you suggest to hide the group?
The searchbar and the reset button is 1 group
Behind that there is only the “page content” group that contains all other groups.

thanks a lot for your help!


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