[Solved] Search box problem

I’m trying to create a search box.

I’m following this topic, off @fayewatson ((How to use simple search box? …), but I do not understand how to connect the box to the group.

I see in the inpector of the Forum App 3 “Other element…” but I do not understand how to get there.

Can anyone help?

Assuming you want to search for a fruit’s name, you don’t necessarily need to connect an action to it. Instead, you use Do a Search in the Repeating Group, and in that search you set Input Search’s Value.

Look at the example below (I used the word Venue instead of Fruit, because of my database, but don’t mind that):

If Input Search’s Value is empty, it will simply ignore that filter and search for everything, but if you type something in, say Apple, it will only return the records where Name (in this case) contains the word Apple.

You can set a condition on the Repeating Group that set’s the Data Source to blank if Input Search’s value is empty (if you don’t want to show every record when the search is blank).

Hope I understood what you were trying to do, and that this helps you out!


Thanks @petter.

It already works.

Now I see where I should look in the “Forum App 3”! …:



Awesome :+1:

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