Search box with geographic locations not working (not auto populating)

search box with geographic locations not working (not auto populating)

Sorry you’re experiencing an unexpected behavior. The general rule with the Bug category is as follow:

  1. If you’re not sure it’s a bug, and want confirmation from the community, please go ahead and post here
  2. If you’re 100% sure this is a bug, because you see a message ‘We’ve hit a temporary bug’ or if an action never ends, go straight to our Bug Report Form, it’s a better way to tell us about the issue so that w can fix it.

Sorry about the bug!


Thanks for the post! Sometimes this behavior can be caused by the setup of the Google API keys for the application; are those up and running already? If so, would it be possible to share a link to the application where you’re experiencing this?

sorry about my post, I changed my domain and I forgot to include the new url in the Google API, my bad!

It happens, good catch!

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