Search box with partial words instead of whole words

Hello. I was wondering if anyone can find a solution, I have searched the bubble forums and I cannot find a solution to my problem.
I have a search box that searches a repeating group of items. However when I use the search box, it only displays results for whole words only. For example, if my item is called “Photo Copy” with a space in the middle, it will return values for the searched word Photo OR Copy. However, if my item is called Photocopy with no spaces, it will not return values when I put in photo or copy. I have to type in the whole word, “photocopy” to get a return.

I have tried “contains keywords” and “contains” in my workflow structure:

Is there any way where a search box can return values based on partial words only? apparently this is a real problem that isn’t yet to be solved?

Hi, you can use this plugin to solve your problem.

Thanks I will give it a go

Works extremely well! thanks for the suggestion.

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