Basic repeating group actions

I am trying to create a simple repeating group with the following properties and can’t seem to get it right :slightly_frowning_face:
1 : filter by input’s value
2: if input is empty the present all
3: find partial names on search - meaning if a job name is “team leader” , i would want the repeating group to show all names that contain lead for example, meaning partial.

When i use contains keywords - it wont show anything unless i have written the whole word, and i cant partially search aswell.

On the other hand when i use contains - it shows me random options and not even showing me the right results when i write the whole keyword such as leader in the above example.

And on a different note can i make the repeating group show results only after i have pressed enter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. In the search constraint > field = input A’s value (assuming the input is called input A)
  2. In the search constraints editor check “ignore empty constraints”
  3. There is a plugin I believe called search autocomplete. I suggest to explore this.
  4. To show results upon pressing enter you can use the display action which sets the data source of the rg. You can leave it empty to start. There are other ways to do this. This is one.
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@cmarchan Thanks man! works like a charm!
Another thing i have encountered that i could not find an elegant solution is how to add a constrint on button click? lets say i want to take a yes/no field into consideration on button click, how can i achieve that?

an example for that question - if i take a row that has the field “is active” :yes/no , i want to have a button for filtering all active cases, and all inactive cases accordingly, without damaging the previously achieved functionality.

Dropdown element set to static yes/no
Then set the search constraints to yes/no field = dropdown A’s value

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Awasome man,
No way to do it with buttons though?

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