Search for nested things


I’m looking for some help on how to structure my database to optimize for searching. At this point, I’m working on an MVP, so I only have the free tier.

The way I currently have my data structured, there is a Business that has a one-to-many relationship with Locations and a one-to-many relationship with Providers. I have 3 tables Business, Location, Providers.

For example:

Business ABC has Location A and Location B referenced in a Location list field and that same Business could have Provider A and Provider B, stored in a Provider list filed.

Here are my basic requirements:

  1. Be able to do a fuzzy search for on all fields for a Provider - Done
    a. Filter these results to be within 10 miles of the current users’ location
    b. Be able to add a filter for the provider’s Gender
    c. Be able to filter by specific categories

Ideally, If I can get some help on requirement a, that would be awesome. I’m sure I could figure the rest out. I’m just struggling because the only link from a Provider to a Location is though the Business.

Any suggestions?