Search for users whos birthday is today

Hello Everyone

Need some help please. I want to do a search for a list of users who’s birthday is today. I have a field on users, ‘birthday’, which is a date field, but how can I change the current date to match that of the users birthday?

Any pointers will be appreciated!


If you have the user’s birthday stored in the users type, you can do “Do a search for User’s Birthday contains Current Date/Time”

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@johnny gave you the right answer @icmacdonald. The current date is defined in the system. Your workflows would need to look at wether the user Birthday ‘is’ the current date.

thank you, but I don’t understand. There is no function to do a Birthday contains Current Date/time…?

The only thing I can think of is to have another field on user that represents the birthday with the year always set to 1970. The there search will be Birthday=Current date and time change years to 1970

Or is there a better way of doing this?

I don’t understand how either of those approaches can possibly work. For one thing, they make no sense. How can one date “contain” another? And how could one’s birthdate be the current date? (…unless they were born when the page is loaded :smirk:) Plus, there is no contains operator for dates.

There’s a bit more to working with birthdates than one might initially think, as they’re what are considered “floating” dates. They actually require special handling (which Bubble does not natively support) - especially if your users are not in the same time zone and they’re entering their DoB through your Bubble app (i.e. a browser). Here’s one way (although not the only way and not necessarily the best way) to go about it.


Been some time since I wrote that post, but this is what I meant.

Yeah, “contains” is not the same as “=”; but regardless, I don’t think it’s going to yield the results you think it will - unless the aim is to list users who were born the instant the page is rendered. :smirk:

What might get the OP close to what they want is using an advanced filter to “extract” the month and day as shown here; but even that’s not going to be as accurate as it could be unless the users are all in the same time zone or their DoB’s have been “normalized” to the same time zone.