Search in Backend Workflows not Working


I’m trying to create an MVP to schedule events with various team members. Here’s the process I am trying to create:

  1. User schedules event (currently through Calendly)
  2. Calendly webhook sends event details to Bubble
  3. Update Bubble database with event details
  4. Do a search for a team member with availability during scheduled event
  5. Add new team member to meeting invite (currently doing this by sending a webhook to Zapier - it’s working when I hard code an email address)
  6. Update Bubble database if event is rescheduled or cancelled

However, I cannot get step 4 to search correctly as a backend workflow, although it works great when I run the same search in the app (e.g., on our confirmation page). When run in the backend workflow, the search turns up blank. Here’s the search I’m running:

Here’s the data structure (also open to feedback here - struggled to upload date ranges via csv):

Any advice or thoughts? Happy to share more info as helpful.

Thank you!!

Hey there :wave:

Just a guess here, do you have privacy roles set up? It might not work if you have privacy rules that block you from doing a search on the backend. That is one reason why things work on the front end and not the back end. You can do a test by changing the API endpoint to ‘ignore privacy rules when running the workflow’.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@J805 That was the issue; thank you so much!!

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No problem! Glad it helped. :blush: