Search in workflow case sensitive

@Bubble is this a bug or working as expected?

If I have a search in a Repeating Group like the screenshot below, then it will only return records if the case of the text matches, so any records where the activity.type field is “Note” instead of “note” are not returned.


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Hey Keith…This is by design – search constraints are case sensitive. If you don’t control what is entered for the search constraint, you can do a lowercase comparison within a :filtered resultset.

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Thanks Ken. Would be nice if you could define whether it’s case sensitive or not for specific searches.

One caveat I’d throw out there:

But that COULD return a lot of activities — as most - perhaps all? — :filtered conditions are done in the browser.

So a couple of thoughts: If the Activities to Search are only those created by current user (or some other specific user) put the Created By constraint in the Search. (This is redundant if a privacy rule forbids access to other Users’ Activities, of course, but I thought I’d throw it out there!)

The other thing is you COULD do if you want to keep the search all server side is to build an API Workflow (where you can have server-side :filtered … Advanced: constraints) and then call that endpoint via the API connector, so that you can actually get a return value.

(And why oh why does Return Value from API only work when calling via the API Connector? There’s so many applications [like this one] for return values inside of Bubble. So goofy!)