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Search - is it that difficult?

hello people

i m struggling with making the search in order in my site. i simply cannot understand how it works here on bubble.
basically what i want is just basic searching, and applying some filters according to user action.
Can anyone help?
The search should work here:

thank you

You have to limit the Dynamic List that you want it to search against. Right now you have it searching against Ads, but you haven’t specified which table you want to look in.

I updated it to search for the Ad’s Title, so basically anything you type in there now will do a query against all the Ads’ Titles in Ads table. You can use the same methodology to add additional filters as well.

thank you for your reply.
is still not working, for example now i have iphone 5 and iphone 6 added in the database
if i search for “iphone” the result is fine, it shows both iphones.
But if i search for Iphone 5, i get the entire list as result
any idea why?

Regards Claudiu