Complex search page ideas

Hi - I am researching bubble as a platform for a new app. One of the features we require is a complex search page, which I shall explain.

Say I have in my database a ‘thing’. The thing has a name, description, category, manufacturer name, owner name, and price.

I need to show a page with search boxes for the first 5 of the fields in that list, plus a ‘search’ button.

If the user entered text into the ‘name’ input then the search will be based on using that value as the filter.

But the trick here is that if the user entered text into say the ‘description’ AND ‘category’ fields then the search will be running an AND type filter where the returned data items must match both of the inputs.

Is this possible with bubble ? Can anyone supply a link to a demo or documentation on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.



Hello @james.evason welcome to the community!

This should achieve your requirement :smiley:

Key aspect is to set to ignore empty constraints so that the list shows prior to any filters being set.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try.

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