Search merged with and unique elements

I’m searching three different fields in a db table for a piece of user entered data.

I’m using Do a Search for with a constraint field contains user entered data and then I merge the three searches and it works exactly as it should.


But that can result in me finding more than one of the same element. So I added :unique elements but I’m seeing three versions of the same thing when I expected to see only one. Can anyone help?

For anyone else with this issue, I got to the bottom of it. The results I was displaying were from table one (Job Cards) and I was displaying indirect data from a second db table (called Vehicles). When I was seeing three identical items, they were actually unique on table one (Job Cards the table I was searching) but were duplicates when I was considering table two (Vehicles). All I had to do was add the reference to the second table after each search.