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Search on multiple field


I have an input that the user can search for Users. I also have a repeating group with columns that show the first name, surname, assigned PIN, role and branch.

I want to do a search where any of the specified fields contain the value given in the input. I am currently using “Any field” which is fine if we presume that the user will only search for the given fields but we could have issues where a user searches for … and gets a result that doesn’t seem to link up with the user because of a field I’m not displaying in my RG.

I can’t seem to figure this one out.

Using the Search&Auto Complete plugin I have managed to get the basic structure of searching however I cannot search “dynamically” for example:

John Doe, Jane Doe and Jack Doe all have a Rank of Secretary.

“Rank” is a data type with the field “Name”.

I want to be able to include dynamic results in my searches, as it stands I can only use text records linked to the user, and can’t use a linked item’s text value.

@cliffwoodjames Can I have a look at your editor that would be more clear?