Is it possible to search multiple fields?

I’m trying to find a way to search multiple fields. What I’m trying to make is a user search where an admin can search users by name, email or unique ID. Is this possible?

Here is the screenshot of the search box

Hi there, @chrishofstede… if you haven’t come across it already, it’s probably worth giving this thread a look.


Yes you can, In do search, make a constrain with any field = user input.

If you still stuck, tag me and i will help you. :grinning:

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Hello @chrishofstede ,

Take an input element and a repeating group in which your data will be seen.

Set the data source in the search & autocorrect plugin and set the fields to be searched as shown in the screenshot.

Note (Install Search & Autocorrect Plugin | Bubble).

Next, you have to set the condition for the repeating group to search for the specific data the user has input. (As shown in the screenshot). (test is the name of the input element).

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