Search Query using a text or button

Hi there,

I am sure this is probably very simple for an experienced bubbler however I am still learning the ins and outs.

I am working on creating a replica of Fiverr for training measures and I am looking to recreate the part of their page that lists umbrella categories like “graphic & design” to “lifestyle.” Then you can hover over the category and click on more subtopics within that specific category.

I have accomplished the hover aspect but I have been struggling to run a search when you click on any of those umbrella categories or the subtopics.

I am not sure if I should be using a text or a button. I created a workflow to open an external webpage that goes to the search results page with a repeating. When I set constraints on the workflow to match that criteria using Do A Search For… it informs that the Data To Send should be a category and not a list of categories.

If anyone has any advice I would love to hear,
Thank you, Sean