Search results in my Dev vs Live version behaving differently

So the search results in my dev version of the app work perfectly but once I deploy that version to live the search results don’t work as well in my live version.

Earlier I was having the issue that both Dev and Live versions were not showing all the restaurants in my database. I fixed that in my Dev version by doing search for all restaurants and then filtering the result using constraint. (previously I was putting my Custom State (Ambience CS2) directly in the repeating group’s "Data source)

Now when I search “Rooster” in my Dev mode correct results show up

But when I search “Rooster” in my Live mode the filter throws out more Restaurants than it should

Any guesses about what is causing this ?

FYI: Your dev and live databases are different, of course, unless you make them the same. So that’s one thing.

I copied the data from live to Dev so both are same

No one’s going to have a clue what’s wrong probably! :slight_smile:

So to debug this what I’d do is make a button where you can click to search. (We’ll do this because then we can use bubble’s page-embedded debugger to see exactly what’s going on and what data is being returned.

So I’d do that. Make it a button so it’s a workflow, and you can see what that workflow is searching for exactly so you can see what the difference is on Live vs Dev.


I had to clean my cache in the browser. Or use incognito mode!!

Who would have thought