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Searching elements

Hi, I’m Wilson. I have been usg Bubble few days ago.

I am developing a directory. But I have a problem, when I am going to open the application from the browser)(as if i am a user anyone) it does not show me the results (Repeating Group). But when I am in way of previsualización it shows me the results :c

It’s tough to tell what’s going on without having access to the editor, or at least the app in question. Can you share the link to the editor so we can help?

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Oh, sorry. This is the app.

That just shows me this:

It would be more useful to have the link to an editor so we can see how you setup the elements/workflows.

At any rate, from the way you phrased your question, it might be that you have data in your DEVELOPMENT database but NO data in your LIVE database. They are two different databases. If you manually put data into your development database for testing, and didn’t put any data into your live database, then your live searches won’t return any results.

You can switch between the development and live versions of the database here with “switch to live”. Remember to switch back.

Oh, thank you, very much. The problem was the Database setup, it was in Development mode. Thank you!