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Live version showing development database

Hey all -

Been using Bubble for a while now, but stumbled upon a weird issue.

Just launched an app live for the first time. There’s a search bar on the main page that returns a data type.

Weirdly though - in the live version, the search bar only returns data from the development database…not the live database.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is, and how to fix it so the search bar returns data from the live database and not the development database?


I have not heard before.
Live & dev version have there own database.

You are done anything with copying/replacing on your live database? If some time you choose dev database in live may be it will happen.

I haven’t…it’s so bizarre. There’s no reason for it to be searching the dev database. Not even sure how to fix it as it’s not a “technical bug,” it seems more like a glitch than anything else.

Kindly reach bubble support. Hope they can resolve this issue.