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Good morning friends

I’m following a super didactic tutorial, I did everything step by step, but something is wrong.

On this page, we have a repeater group that should bring data from a search made by geolocation.

I’ve already configured the Google developers API and requests are being made normally there.

However the data does not appear on the page.

The configuration of this repeater group looks like this.

Hi @sosblogers :wave:
Can you share your URL ?
In my experience, Sometimes the parameter in URL which we are extracting is not case sensitive
For example Location ≠ location


Did try now… still not working

Well you need to debug further more & check what exactly is not working…
Click on search for properties :point_down: & see each constraint

Im looking here, but the page doen not bring useful information in this case, only Html propertys.

But thanks a lot for the your assitance

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