Search results map to page that displays dynamic DB data

I have an app that is focused around a search function as one of its main features. I want to have the logged in user search for matched values that I have stored in my bubble database. For instance one of the matched values the user searched for is this.

How can I allow the user to select that output from the search and redirect the user to a page that will then display the rest of the information for that selection the user made. Im running into trouble getting the search to redirect me to the page displaying the specific dynamic content.

I am assuming you have table for all the possible values let’s say it “matched_values”.

Now create the page where you want to show all the information related to the “matched_values” and setup the “type of the content” on the page level as “matched_values”.

Now whenever someone click on dropdown value, catch the element event “dropdown is clicked” and call the action “Go to page” and pass the “matched_values” data.

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My table is the values that I want displayed on the results page. For example maybe name, date, birthday, favorite color, etc. I want the user to search for the “name” of someone and then have them be directed to the results page which will include everything else in that row(date, birthday, favorite color ,etc) when they select that name in the initial search bar.
Results page should include these values

While pulling the rest of the row from the name that correlates with the search from this table

I thought I had the logic figured out because I have the data being sent from the URL as parameters from the search. Which creates the option for this

“Current page’s Exploit DBs Name” Which should be returning the rest of the exploitDB’s name from the search field and the other parameters to the other fields on the results page.

That just displays the value of the name field for the relevant Exploit DB record.
To show other parameters of the Exploit DB record dynamically reference it like you did the Name, e.g., “Current page’s Exploit DB’s CVE

Im still not getting results displayed from the search on the page.
Step 1
user search for name in ExploitDB table

The fields should be populating on results page but nothing yet.

Search page workflow =

results page =

First thought would be to test privacy rules…

I have a rule in place that that is returning good