Can each search in the search box take me to a different page?

Hello, I’m new to Bubble and I would like to know how I can make the option searched for in the search box redirect me to a new page? Each option searched would take me to a different page, these options are registered in the database. Furthermore, within a bubble project, is there any limit to the number of pages I can create? Thanks!

Can you specify a little more on what you’re trying to achieve with this? I’d like to know why you need to go to different pages exactly.

The search input is not very customizable. but you can use the workflow “When Input has Changed” with an action “Go To Page” or “Open an external website”

But this might not be necesary depending on your use case, can you go into more detail?

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Add a “when an input’s value is changed” that would reference to the search box.

In the actions, you would then redirect a user to x page depending on the search box’s value

No. But as much as possible, try to limit it to keep your app as lightweight as possible. You can make a page dynamic depending on the data you pass to it

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Basically, a person would search for a medicine in the searchbox, with the correct name typed, they would be redirected to a page created by me about that medicine. The names of these medicines I entered into the database.

funcionou com a seguinte sequência: go to page x > only when - this searchbox’s value’s is arbytrary text . não sei se seria o jeito certo, mas funcionou. O texto arbitrario é o que foi buscado na searchbox.

You don’t need to make a page per medicine, you can have a single page called Medicine with data type “Medicine” and the search box when input has changed “go to page: Medicine” and pass down the Medicine selected in the search box.

Then make your design and all the data would be dynamic, “Current page’s Medicine’s Name” and all the fields in your database.

Maybe your concern is for SEO purposes, you might wat to have a page per item in your database so google can index it. But you don’t need this. As long as the URL always display the same information, each item in your DB can be indexed by google…

For example if the URL page is
you can then use this link to index in the google search console[

There are different plugins and even natrive ways to create and have human-readable slugs that are great for SEO purposes without creating new pages.

This makes it easier to manage as you don’t really have to create a new page, as you would normally do on a regular website. You can just imput the data into the DB and that would create an accessible URL


Thank you very much for the tip, I managed to reproduce it, it will save me a lot of time and it was exactly what I needed :slight_smile: