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Search that returns user that’s not the current user

Hi all,

I have a list of things and each thing has a list of Users field with the current user and one other user in it.

In a repeating grid I am listing each thing but along side it I want to return the user who is not the current user in the list of user field of the thing.

I’ve tried the search function but it doesn’t let me use email <> current user, im forced to use =

How would you search for and return the first name of the other user?

Note I have privacy settings allowing the searching of user emails and returning the first name.


Hi there, @kieran2… if I understand your post correctly, one way you can do what you have described is to use an advanced filter. I made a quick example, and it produces the desired result of showing the first name of the user in the list who is not the current user.

By the way, if you haven’t used an advanced filter before, the Advanced… option is all the way at the bottom of the dropdown that appears when you are adding a constraint to the filter.

Hope this helps.


Brilliant thank you! Hadn’t considered using filter or that there was an advanced option!

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