SearchBox typeahead not working

I haven’t been able to get the SearchBox native feature to work in my app – as I type in preview mode, no results show.

As an example, here I’m looking for geographic places (I’ve already setup my Google APIs per Bubble’s documentation)

But in preview, the search box just doesn’t respond:
Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 2.00.03 PM

I think this issue is specifically related to the SearchBox in general because I’ve also used it to try to build a user lookup tool in this app and have the same problem (no results).

Check browser console log for any Google key error. Most of the time, this isbrelated to Google API key. Payment bot set, API not enabled…

The error I’m getting:

I’ve double checked that this API key is set up exactly as Bubble’s tutorial says to do it.

The only thing I see on the Google side that doesn’t match the tutorial is an OAuth prompt:

It’s not clear to me if this is a blocking error (or even how this applies to my use-case).

I think you will have more details looking at the browser console logs instead of Bubble debugger. This is possible that API allowed for the key is not correct

Here’s what I’m seeing:

Have you checked that your API key actually has the services enabled?

I don’t think this error is related to your issue. Can you share url to the page where you have the checkbox?

I’ve enabled the 5 geo-related APIs the tutorial mentions and none of them are showing any requests or errors:

Is there somewhere else you’d check?

You can see 0 requests… did you enter your API key in Settings tabs?

Yes, both of them

Did you enable payment in Google Cloud console?

Yep, payments are enabled

Do you have any plugin that could have a conflict with searchbox?

I’ve kept my plugins pretty light, but here’s what I do have (none seem to be an obvious culprit to me):

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For now everything look fine for me. Contact Bubble support to see if there’s something on their side.

Try rolling your google key and using a new one. Also try creating a call in api connector to a geocode api with same key to verify it’s working.

It is kind of odd your google acc shows no calls to the api.

Alright, I changed two things at the same time and it’s working now.

Here’s what I did:

  1. In setting up my Client key website restrictions, I included “www” before my domain. I removed this (e.g., changed to
  2. I had installed “Places API (New)” instead of “Places API”. I just added the later.

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