Searchbox value is empty


I’m trying to use the Searchbox, but it seems that even when I select a good Geographical Place (From the searchbox dropdown), the value is not set on the searchbox…

I’m in test mode btw

I can replicate it in every project I create :slight_smile:

Exemple: of a just made project,

You can see the value of searchbox with inspect on debug mode

You need Google Maps API keys to make this work.

yeah in production, not in dev, try to setup a new project :slight_smile:

I had same issue, eventually after setting up the API keys from GCP only worked. I can see that API’s are charged and it counts whenever I run my development mode project. Any ballpark figure of charges incurred with maps API and the search box? In the dev. mode without API Key, I see empty values as below when debugged.

With my APIs, it works as good…like below

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