Searching a user's list


Is it possible to search a user’s list of things?

I have a repeating group displaying all the app’s users and I want users to be able to search each other’s users and results to display in the repeating group.

The users each have a list of jobs (jobs are their own data type with many fields and then there’s a list of jobs for each user). I’ve set up a search for all the profile but I can’t find a way to search the jobs fields because under the user type they are a list and so can’t be searched. Is there any way around this?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I should have clarified that the repeating group has search for users as the data source because users can search for other things from a user’s profile too. Where as everything is directly a thing of the user, jobs are a list, so I’m not sure how to include them in the search.

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