Searching database a conditional factor

Hi can someone please help me with this question.

I am creating a party RSVP page. I want to create a condition that prevents users from being able to RSVP (with the RSVP button) if they have already done so before (if their email already exists in the database)

I currently have a list of actions to create a new guest that are triggered in the workflow section when that RSVP button is clicked.

I am trying to create any “only when” condition that creates a new guest (when someone RSVPs) only when their email doesnt exist in the “created by” (users email list) column of the database

Can someone please help me with this?

Hi there, @obuobip.j.k… if I understand your post correctly, your only when condition should be a Search for Guests:count > 0 with a constraint on the search of Created by = Current User.

Hope this helps.


great thanks @mikeloc I think its working! :smiley:

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