Conditional Logic "When Logged In and Boolean Value set to yes for User"


I am attempting to create a button that is only clickable when user is logged in and they have RSVP’d (boolean flag).

I understand how to only make clickable when user is logged in but can someone help with how to perform a lookup on the database to validate the user has RSVPd?

I have 2 tables:
User table (name, email)
Attendance Details (contains “attending boolean”)

Have the yes/no answer ready somewhere on the page (a hidden group somewhere on the page … perhaps in a hidden popup that you never open … set to yes/no with the attendance details entry boolean). Use that group whose solely job is to give you a yes or a no as part of the condition needed in your button

to clarify, the boolean flag already exists in the database… Does that change the approach

A look up in Bubble is a search for that item :smiley:

How would that expression be structured? struggling to build expression in condition.

Try creating two workflows with conditions with that same button.

The first workflow should be with a condition like

When do a search for attendance detail filtered by current user is not empty then add the remaining workflow

The second workflow do a search for… is empty then cancel workflow.

You can contact me if you still have issues.

The workflow should be on the workflow tab and not on the design tab. I hope you understand this my poor English :joy:

makes sense but does it need to be on the workflow side? Ideally, the visual element on the button helps user know if it is clickable or not.

From my own little idea

Yes it has to be on the workflow to achieve the steps l listed and it will work perfectly and another thing is that you will have to do a conditional statement when do a search for … is empty this button is not clickable


I would create a very simple flow.

  1. I would create a group with two buttons. One is active and another is not.
  • additionally to each button is set a condition depends on wether a user is logged in or not
  1. One button has go to workflow when a user click and reversed workflow is set to another one.