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Searching expert help for building new app

Hi guys ! I am new here , and I am trying to build an app for prepaid table reservations in restaurants , and some other vip reservation services . Possible link to airbnb and such apps with review publishing option , and social media links .

Can I get an advice on how to start this ? Like what package to choose , or if anyone can help me trough the process of building it , and where to fi d this expert person, how much can cost , etc ?

Kind regards , Radu

Hi @radugrad. Have you had a look at the template section? There are a couple of food ordering and airbnb templates available?

If you want a custom solution, you can put in a RFP.

Bubble tips and tutorials

Hey @radugrad :wave:

In addition to what @sharma.himanshu0608 said. You can also try building it yourself with the help of a coach. Here is the official bubble coaching page: Coaching | Bubble

You could even buy a template to start, then use a coach to help you understand how to modify the template. I get a lot of clients that do this. It gives you a good jump start.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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