Searching for a another things thing in a group

Hi there,

I am struggling to get the logic working for something fairly simple.

I am trying to get the name of an event (event name) that matches date (days date) in the group thats from another table.

Some background, it is somewhat like a calendar so the days come from a days table as there is not an event every day, and occasionally there is more than one event in a day but I have yet to figure out the logic for that.

I have struggled a bit in grasping the concept and relationship behind groups and groups with in groups things. also, not sure how to share my project, but I tried to recreate what I am doing in the floowing test project.

Thanks for your help!

OK, I think I have solved this already, the dates I was searching for had different times from the default 12am time. is there a way to ignore that in the search?

I looked at the link, but wasn’t too sure how you are trying to filter this. Are you trying to filter by a Date (such as January 1st), or by a Day (Mondays)?

Either way, to ignore the Time of Day for the input use these filters on the Search:


Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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