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Search in database not returning same results in mobile and desktop version

Hi everyone, i’m seeking for help as I’m facing an issue which I can’t seem to solve.
I have a ‘dynamic’ profile page for my users, which is filled with the content passed from a group ‘Creative Profile’ near the header. Basically, the data recovered is the one from a profile from which the profile slug (in the database) equals the current URL path. (see image below)

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 12.47.47

My desktop profile works perfectly, all data is recovered from the data base and shown: cf:

However, when using the responsive mode, (opening the very same page on my phone/ipad), no data is recovered and the page is empty.
It seems like the search function in the Creative Profile Group doesn’t find the profile with the slug associated to the current URL, but only on mobile. Which seems absurd because the slug in the creative profile database should be accessible from both mobile & desktop, and shouldn’t be any different. I tried debugging it by displaying the URL path on top of the profile, and it is exactly the same in the mobile and desktop version.
The most frustrating part is that everything worked until yesterday morning (I was checking the mobile version on my phone and never had any problem). I didn’t make any change to my app, but when recovering the older version, it still doesn’t work anymore so I think the errors might come from a change in Bubble’s backend itself.
I’m really hoping to get some help on this topic, this would be a life saver! :sweat_smile:

Desktop view for the exact same link:

Mobile view for the exact same link:

Hey @julia.besson74,
Did you manage to resolve this issue? I am running into a similar problem with search results not being returned on mobile web.


Hey @akhilpuri2003,
I tried to test the function again one day after I posted this thread and it miraculously worked. Not sure if it’s because I reported the bug or if it was a temporary thing

Super strange. My own search results were not working because I was using the search & auto correct plugin which became hidden on mobile and apparently plugins don’t work if not visible

Same thing is happening to me. Did y’all fix this?

EDIT: I solved my problem. It came down to privacy rules. On my computer I was logged in as an admin and so I could see the dynamic data.

On my phone I was logged in as a regular user and so I couldn’t see the data.

It usually does. Or just that user is not logged in on the other device and try navigating to the site using the direct link with the values in URL already.