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Repeating Group Navigation via Search Box

Hello, everyone.

I have a repeating group with over 100 items. For better navigation purposes it’d be great if I could use serach box. I mean, e.g. I type test into search box and get automatically navigated to the respecting item in the repeating group.

Is it possible?

Add an input (e.g. single-line input), and on input change (e.g. go into the workflow tab and navigate to “Click here to add an Event” > Elements > “An input’s value has changed”), scroll to the object by performing a database search or filter the repeating group’s contents.

I hope this helps!


Scott, thnx so much!

It works))

Can you please show an example of this? I’m having trouble with defining the workflow to only bring up select records from the repeating group based on the keyword typed in the search bar!


Have a look here …

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Thank you, the bigger issue is how can you return results in the repeating group for the records that contain the search words?

All of my listings in a repeating group

  1. Have a descriptive title such as: Buy a flower vase in Louisville, Kentucky
  2. Have descriptive info about the title: The flower vase in 20 years old, was my grandmother’s and she grew up in Louisville, Kentucky.

So the objective here is:

Type one or a few words in the search bar:
Ex 1) Louisville
Ex 2) flower vase

And if either of the search terms match any word in one of the repeated group listings, have it come up. The issue for me thus far have been 1) the contains function 2) the data listed in the repeating groups are pulled from google sheets, and are read as texts, rather than being in the backend database and being able to further define them.

Can you help?