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Searching inside a Google Sheet table in Blockspring

Im trying to make a web tool for my shop, I have the database on a google sheet doc, but I have no idea how to do a search inside the table. Im new at this, please help me!

Try this:

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But how I can show the results in a Repeating Group? i’m trying to do something really simple. the user to input a tool name and show him the tools that match his search

Hey @Carlos any reason why you are doing this on Google sheets?

Yes, it would be easier, simpler and faster to have your data in Bubble directly. You can upload it as CSV if it’s now in excel.

we have all the inventory of the shop in google sheets. I will try right now to export it and upload it to Bubble

I really need some help uploading the csv file. I have no idea how to see my data

Have you tried using Data -> App data -> upload as CSV?

got it! thank you! love bubble

hi, did you have find a way to search in a google sheet and present results in a Repeating Group?

Thank you

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