[SOLVED]Update to Bubble DB from Google sheets via Blockspring


I need to update the values in my bubble database from the google sheet.

ex: I have the below data in the google sheet.

I connected to this sheet via block spring using the option “Read worksheet”. while creating the repeating group with below logic

I am getting the output along with the headers as value

I am afraid am using wrong service “Read worksheet” to meet my requirement.

My requirement is:

I need to update the total sold values from the Google sheets to my bubble DB.

Appreciate your Help.

@NigelG Can you please help me with this?

I no longer use Blockspring I am afraid, I know people had issues with the Sheets Read in the past.

Maybe look at using Zapier ? Or read the thing directly if it Public ?

Hi @NigelG
My Requirement is to update a table using different CSVs by different users. Earlier I raised a forum request if we have a feature in uploading the CSV in live mode which could solve my problem.
Unfortunately this feature is not in bubble.

Since this feature is not available in bubble, I thought of creating google sheets to the different users where they upload the data which can then be fetched into a table in bubble via blockspring.

Can you please suggest any alternate solution to achieve this?

There are a few options, none all that easy…

Google Sheet > Zapier Zap > Bubble

Works quite nicely for smaller numbers, triggers each time a row is changed so not ideal for “bulk” uploads

Read Google Sheet directly

Google offers an API to do this, and it works very nicely. However it returns a list of values, which Bubble can’t handle. You could probably use Blockspring to flatten it.

Get them to email the csv and put it through mailparser.io ($25 a month but pretty awesome magic).

Copy and paste the CSV into a multi line input, and somehow convert the csv to JSON with Blockspring


Thanks @NigelG

Will give them a try…

It really depends on what this file of data is like … fixed data, size etc etc

Ping me a mail if you need a hand.

hello @samuel would you share how you solved this issue? kind of having the same here… tks !!