Searching through Complex Objects

I’ve become desperate…

I’m building a dashboard app. The dashboard needs to return results/calculations based off of the data in my database.

The data in my database comes from an external API that I import. This external API returns me the data as JSON objects. There are thousands of objects, with other nested objects within it.

I didn’t want to structure the bubble database to contain each field within these objects (maintenance nightmere), so instead, I’m saving the entire object itself in one field called “data”. The main reason is because I don’t want to maintain a replica of what this API returns. They make constant changes, so keeping up with it would be impossible. Saving the entire response in one field allows me to build quickly.

Here’s the issue: filtering the data, even with constraints, seems to be too heavy for bubble…expensive workload units are being used and the load time is unbearable.

I had a friend of mine test this concept in a SQL database and he’s able to query the calculations I need and get a response in milliseconds.

I’ve already scavenged this forum for answers and even paid for an ultimate performance guide for bubble and still can’t figure this out.

I really don’t want to host the backend anywhere else - I’d like to keep it all contained in bubble but I feel that this may not be possible.

Am I stuck?