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I need to know how to make a Email and password login database. I have tried and explored but no luck. Can someone please respond and try to help me.

do you mean a password management application like LastPass?

Mainly, you´d need a thing (called Password possibly) with 3 fields so you can store the password, a username and a URL. You will also need a field in the User database called Password, of Type Password and check “this field is a list”. So anytime a user creates a new password and username, you also have to add that record to the User´s Password list.

I am making an app for my staff to login to.

User management is built in. Do the tutorials. The second tutorial on this page is about a Signup workflow. But if you start with Bubble’s wizard it will have this all pre-created for you.

I used Bubbles template, but where is the passwords saved? My web app works to where after you sign in you go to the main page. The problem is if you just go to the main pages url you can get around logging in. I was trying to change the workflow so that when the page is loaded it will check the user and the password but where are passwords saved with this template?

Passwords are not shown for security reasons. This is the best way to go.

Just have a workflow that when user is “logged out” take them to the “home page” on page load. Something like that will be the first step on keeping people out that you don’t want in your app. More security can be given if you want.

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Here’s what you fail to understand: The Current User has a state called “is logged in”. Unsurprisingly, this state is true when the user is logged in and false when they are not. You use this state to control the visibility of elements on your pages (keeping elements hidden to users that are not logged in). You can also use this state to redirect users (using the Navigate action) away from pages they are not allowed to view. There are also privacy rules that can be used to keep specific Things (Bubble’s name for data types) stored in your database from being accessed.

Those three concepts (visibility, redirection, privacy rules) are how you control/restrict access to various parts of your app (as @J805 also pointed out).

As for HOW you log users in, that is done with the “Log the user in” action (which is found in the template in the Signup/Login popup reusable element):

There are a couple of tutorial lessons related to signup/login as well that you may find helpful (and you should do all of the lessons):

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