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Hi everyone, I noticed that the documents uploaded with the file upload can be reached via a link visible on the web (…).
Is there a way not to reach documents that must remain private and downloadable only within the bubble app?

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Yes, there is an option on your file uploader called ‘Make this file private’.
Once you do this, you can select a thing to attach the file to.

The file’s privacy settings will be based on the privacy settings of this selected thing (see the ‘view attached files’ option on Privacy Settings).

This doesn’t make the file’s URL private, but restricts it’s access by a session key that gets attached to the image url.


Thanks for the suggestion!!

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Hi Atomicfusion,
I didn’t understand a thing about what you suggested.
I don’t want to create internal rules for my app but I want to prohibit the document from being reachable on the web via the link that bubble generates in the database and that can be copied to the browser by anyone.
How can I do it?

Yes, that’s what I was referring to.
Bubble lets you do this by attaching a file to a thing on the DB so that it can inherit the thing’s privacy rules.

Check out the ‘view attached file’ section in this article:

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