Security Question - Correct Time - no manipulation

Hi There !

I’m makin an APP where Time is crucial, and I’ve got to be sure there was no manipulation in data

  1. Bubble CurrentTime => Is from browser, so it is easy to manipulate, correct?
  2. Get time from an API call like “” is more secure?
    How do I register Time a button is pressed w/ security?

Tks in advance!

Crucial in what context? Front end? Db?

By your question you gave me some insights…
I’m collecting a signature in front end.
I’m afraid of fraud, so I’ve got to be sure what time did this signature was collected…

How do I collect the singature: in front end…
But, i might collect time from other place…

Should I use back end? APIs?
Cause Front End is easier to maniplulate, isn’t it?

you mean collecting it in front end as in storing it in the DB directly from front end? That’s usually not a good idea and causes the user to wait. I don’t know what you mean by manipulating it in front-end but using current time in back-end should be correct.

Great ! Tks very much ! Cause it does not depends on browser information, so it is secure ! Tks !!!

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