[Seeking Alpha testers] Database change triggers

I’m not at a stage to participate but this could be a very handy feature for the app I’m working on. Great work and looking forward to updates.

@ryanck If I’m understanding your setup correctly, a DB change trigger should work, if you have it watching the data type that has invoice_line

@gaurav Great question - let me check to make 100% sure…

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Got confirmation that yes, currently in your situation the database trigger should fire. (If you don’t want this behavior you can create a condition on the workflow accordingly)

@allenyang I am looking to use this to run a workflow anytime a thing is deleted. If I set the action to only run when “current thing is empty” will that work?

Or will this workflow not even run when an item is deleted?

It should work as you suggest!

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This is now in public beta: [Public Beta] Database change triggers