Seeking expert dev/partner

Hey there, putting out feelers for an expert bubble dev/partner to make modifications and ongoing support on a social network project in exchange for equity. I’m located in the USA. If interested send your resume:

2 Likes what is the current status of the business? Is it operational, or does the dev need to build the app so to launch it live. If operational, how long has it been and what has been the current growth rate and what is the current MRR?


You need to provide more information here. Only offering equity means nothing without having information on your business. How many users/customers you have? Have you raised money? Are you generating revenue? Are you part of any accelerators like YC, Techstars etc…? Do you have an MVP up already etc…?

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“True self realization and meaning can be achieved with leaps of faith, and wholeheartedly embracing the uncertainty life presents” - appreciate the input and inquiry but you’d have to be open to building relationships and sign an NDA to read a 5 page overview. Cheers.

Maybe this is true, but leaps of faith won’t get you far towards a functional social network.

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Out of respect for the time I’ll update soon, considering outside investment to make it scary interesting. I happen to believe in the mission I want to implement and know that talent is necessary to attract and not the easiest to come by for equity unless you knew the impact of the mission or were a co-founder. Maybe that’s what I need? I only filed articles this week. Techtonic Software, LLC. I have a unique app name, logo, and domain linked to the social hub. The app name spelling doesn’t give it away but not something I want public until filed for trademark.

We might be builders of different gems that all travel the same pipe of dreams as legions of creativity and soul level wisdom are with me in areas of life, business, and strategy with all the nuanced big picture mainframe shoved into a tech savvy, holistic minded, quantum leap expert. Ya know atoms, molecules, and energy? Anyways for the oddest reason I have a history of producing some of the dopest multi-genre electronic records you’ll ever hear but not for a business. Initially this is where I’m coming from for sheer joy it ranked me on at least spotify’s procurement team before both my parents went downhill. So it’s been a couple years and I’m more interested in developing a business with long-term purpose and if the living is good enough I can one day make music again without all the hazing of the entertainment industry. (Here hit this… you’re gonna need it) You know building something that does something decent for people who actually need it. Unfortunately, this idea came after a time period I call the great collapse. What I’m getting at is you probably have the depth in skillset necessary for my own plan. It’s what makes a market lol.

Out of curiosity I inquired with an agency this week, Tinkso, and shared some thoughts and questions as they reside in my hometown but possibly a more expensive option. Not to deter as I enjoy the idea learning about, building with someone (s) and paying for their time, and sharing equity, working something out longer term.

Thanks again for the input – like that cybernetic time traveling man once said while descending into the lava – “I’ll be back”